We are a very artistic congregation and we encourage everyone to use their talents for the glory of God.
We have a number of professional artists and musicians in our congregation and are always delighted to use these skills in our worship and outreach.

Usually meets between October and April and contributes to special services throughout the church calendar.

Everyone is welcome to join us, whether you can read music or not!

Torphichen & Avonbridge Church Orchestra

Jointly with our friends at Avonbridge Church, musicians get together to play at church services and community events throughout the year.

We are a group for all ages, instruments and abilities, so why not dig out that old flute from the attic and come and join in!


We have discovered as a congregation that we have a talent for hymn-writing, and to date have amassed over a dozen new songs for both congregational and choir use.

TACO and the choir are always delighted to join forces and visit other congregations to share our new music with new friends.