Church Magazine

Our church magazine, CHAT (Churches of Avonbridge & Torphichen), is usually published monthly.

Relaunched in Dec 2020 as an online and printed publication, the magazine will be published here on the website as well as emailed to our mailing list at the end of each month.
We want to reduce unnecessary printing and paper waste, however if you prefer to receive a paper copy then please let us know and we will be happy to arrange delivery.

April 2021

CHAT Magazine 2021-04.pdf CHAT Magazine 2021-04.pdf
Size : 498.177 Kb
Type : pdf

March 2021

Chat Magazine 2021-03.pdf Chat Magazine 2021-03.pdf
Size : 479.102 Kb
Type : pdf

February 2021

CHAT Magazine 2021-02.pdf CHAT Magazine 2021-02.pdf
Size : 637.967 Kb
Type : pdf

January 2021

CHAT Magazine 2021-01.pdf CHAT Magazine 2021-01.pdf
Size : 714.281 Kb
Type : pdf

December 2020

Chat Magazine 2020-12.pdf Chat Magazine 2020-12.pdf
Size : 1270.578 Kb
Type : pdf